Making a Difference in Nursing

To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be rich, talented, or beautiful, you just have to care. Nursing is the most caring profession. Each day you are giving a part of yourself to a stranger. You are an advocate for your patient, and you learned to respect the induvial choices they …

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  What exactly is self-care in healthcare? Self-care means we are recognizing the relationship we have with ourselves and prioritizing it. Healthcare professionals work extremely hard, and it is a highly rewarding calling. However even our healthcare heroes need to take time to recharge. Myths are that self-care is selfish not true it is necessity …

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Why become a travel nurse?

Travel nursing is in high demand, and it appears that hospitals always need nursing staff. Why did I choose travel nursing? I became a travel nursing to take back my life. I chose travel nursing because I am the author of my direction.  Travel nursing gives me the freedom to decide how much money I\’m …

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