Traveling with a Pet is therapeutic!

Traveling with a Pet is therapeutic!

The first few years as a travel nurse were lonely without family and friends. However, there was a solution to the problem. I decided to adopt a four-legged friend. A pet gave me so much joy and comfort after a long hard shift.

A four-legged companion is just what I needed to curb any feelings of loneliness or homesickness. Pets are great listeners. When you are angry and stressed, they are perfect to vent to because they just listen and look at you. Pets do not offer any unsolicited advice to you.

Most travelers, travel alone and struggle with loneliness. I have met more nurses travel with dogs but that is not saying you cannot travel with a cat or other animal. I met a traveler that traveled with a pigeon. I thought how unique, he always seems happy no matter if the building was burning down. Also, encountered a travel nurse that traveled with a lizard. He had his wife to bring it to work one day and Oh what a time! In a busy atmosphere full of chaos, we screamed and laughed. The options are limitless!

The hardest part about traveling with a pet is leaving the pet alone for hours. Also, you pet must be well trained to not to destroy your rental apartment. Oh yes, those pets’ deposits only cover so much. You must place your pet in daycare which can become an additional cost, but it is worth it!

Having the pups encourages me to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise. Plus, they are great conversation piece. You can have a new hiking companion, cuddle buddy, and protector all in one.

So, the decision is yours to make travel with a pet or not! Travel nursing was the best decision I ever made. Nursing Executive Travelers would love too connect you with a travel assignment that fit for you and your pet.


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