How to build a rapport with your patient ?

1. Introduction: When performing bedside report always introduce yourself to the patient immediately when you come in the room. Ask the patient questions to engage them in their own care in applicable. Before exiting the room ask one question “Is there anything I can do for you?”. Your patient will feel important you can learn a lot about the patient just by that question.

2. Do what you said you would do. If you tell the patient, you will come right back with there medications come right back. A 10-minute wait may seem like eternity to them.

3. Do not place blame on others for system failures assure the patient through your actions that you will handle the situation.

4. Take the time to listen to the patient. You can resolve several misunderstandings prior to them escalating.

5. Promote their privacy by closing the curtain or the door when working with the patient.

6. Show Confidence in your skills

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