Making a Difference in Nursing

To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be rich, talented, or beautiful, you just have to care. Nursing is the most caring profession. Each day you are giving a part of yourself to a stranger. You are an advocate for your patient, and you learned to respect the induvial choices they make. As a nurse you learn that everyone has the right to make there own educated decision.

To leave a lasting impact on your patients’ life there are a few learned traits you should adopt. It is the result of awareness that everyone belongs to a unique subculture based on their own beliefs and practices. Also keep in mind not to pressure a person to believe as you believe. It is important to give a person time to make a conscious decision regarding their health.

A nurse’s role is to nurture a person to health. We openly show that we care without reservation. You do not have to spend significant amount of time with the patient however maximize. While with your patient every moment counts, leave a high impact on them. You can leave an impact by the little acts of kindness for example, assuring they have fresh water, their hygiene needs are met, and you do exactly what you say you will do.
At Nursing Executive Travelers, we commit to patient care first. Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which a patient can openly express themselves. N.E.T. we train our staff in active listening, client first care. Our clients are not just venders and patient’s but everyone we encounter.

We welcome corporations and health care professionals to join us in our impact movement to leave the world kinder and healthier than our first encounter.

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