What exactly is self-care in healthcare? Self-care means we are recognizing the relationship we have with ourselves and prioritizing it. Healthcare professionals work extremely hard, and it is a highly rewarding calling. However even our healthcare heroes need to take time to recharge. Myths are that self-care is selfish not true it is necessity for human well-being.

In healthcare we will suppress our emotions to continue to make it through the day, During Covid 19 pandemic I recall running from code blue to code blue. It was mentally exhausting however we would mustard the strength to answer our other patient’s call lights. Sometimes it was getting water for a patient was your break before the next incident.

On your days off learn to mentally shut out the chaos of the world Take a time out on life. You must find a mental peace for your sanity. This is where self-preservation turns into survival.

As a healthcare professional I learned to plan absolutely nothing on one of my days off a week. I relaxed at home with fruit and veggies. If I had two days off, I would take a nature walk or go to the beach and just practice deep breathing exercises. Believe or not it works!  Learn to recognize the need for self-care and implement it.

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